Professional Ceramic Round Brush 25mm


In short

The Ceramic Round Brush 25mm is prefect for creating volume at the roots or for creating a movement in short hair. The brush with ceramic barrel leaves the hair soft, shiny and frizz-free. 

    Instant lift at the roots
    Distributes the heat from the hair dryer
    Perfect for short hair

The Balmain Hair Couture Ceramic Round Brush 25mm is made of a ceramic barrel. The negative ions of the ceramic barrel closes of the cuticle which results in a luminous shine. Designed with tiny openings for the perfect air flow.
The heat is evenly spread through the ceramic barrel, which results in more shine and volume. The bristles smoothen the flyaways giving it a long lasting sleek finish.
To provide better control and effortless styling, the brush is ergonomically designed with a seamless handle.

Use the Thermal Protection Spray to protect the hair from getting damaged. Place the Ceramic Round Brush against the roots and let the tool work with the hair dryer. Move the brush slowly from the roots to the ends while twisting the brush to the side where the wave has to go up. Use the hair dryer at the same speed so that it goes down with the brush. Repeat these steps for every hair section.
Combine the 25 and 33mm barrel in medium length hair for a playful result.
Professional Ceramic Round Brush 25mm