Our Commitment

Over the past few years, Balmain Hair has made a commitment to consistently move forward and improve sustainability practices, social outreach, and manufacturing standards. This commitment is centered around three tenets: sustainable products, cruelty-free practices, and positive social impact. Balmain Hair believes in an inclusive and green future for humanity, one defined by a positive relationship with nature and our peers.

Sustainable Products

Balmain Hair acknowledges the importance of sustainable luxury and aims to create luxury hair care products with a minimal ecological footprint. Seeking new product packaging to reinvent the codes of luxury is key to this commitment. Using highly recyclable packaging, producing in solar-driven facilities, studying how components can be separated at end-of-use, and minimizing unnecessary packaging have become essential considerations within product development. Being open and transparent about the materials used and guiding customers on correct waste disposal after use are also derived from this commitment.


In pursuit of a cruelty-free world, Balmain Hair opposes and does not engage in or condone any form of animal testing. All Balmain Hair products are vegetarian. Across the Balmain Hair collection, some ingredients are derived from animals, such as boar hair bristles, cashmere, and silk proteins. All animal-derived ingredients are sourced without harming or disturbing the animals, their life cycles, or ecosystems. For example, silk proteins are extracted from silk moth cocoons using a delicate method to harvest the silk only once the nests have been abandoned.

Positive Social Impact

As a leader in luxury hair products and cosmetics, Balmain Hair is committed to using the platform and reach provided by the fashion house to promote inclusivity, diversity, and sensitivity. We accept and welcome all lifestyles, sexual preferences, and ethnicities. Balmain Hair further believes that all individuals and peoples have the undeniable right to peace, shelter, and freedom.

Sustainable Facts

  • 80% of all hair care products are produced in a completely solar-driven factory during the summer.

  • From September 2022, all Limited Edition packaging is made from FSC cardboard and paper sourced from sustainably managed forests.

  • From 2022 onwards, all product packaging will be updated with recycling symbols to guide consumers on correct waste disposal after use.