Cordless Straightener


In short

Perfect for traveling and backstage work. Provides quick effortless straightening and easy curls and waves. The advanced titanium floating plate technology gives the hair a silky, shiny and healthy finish. 

    Lightweight, travel size straightener
    Portable straightener
    3 preset heat settings (ranging from 160°C /320°F to 200 °C/ 392 °F)

The lightweight Cordless Straightener is the perfect tool for quick, effortless straightening and easy curls and waves. The advanced titanium floating plate technology delivers the ultimate styling results with a smooth, polished and healthy finish. Heats up to 200 °C/ 392 F.


Advanced titanium floating plate technology glides easily through the hair and provides for constant and even heat distribution. Contains LED with different colours to indicate the temperature (Blue LED indicates 160°C/320°F, Green LED indicates 180°C/356°F, Red LED indicates 200°C/ 392°F).


Note: The tool switches off automatically after 30 minutes.  Weighs 247 grams (including case: 622 grams).

How to charge

1. Put the power supply cable into the back of the Professional Cordless Straightener.|
2. Put into a suitable power source.
3. Charging time 4 hours.


1. Switch power ON (the LED will illuminate)
2. Allow the Professional Cordless Straightener to heat up for 30 seconds.
3. Ensure the hair is dry and combed through. Separate a section of the hair. Place the hair between the plates, close to the roots and press down firmly.
4. Hold the hair firmly between the plates, maintaining the same tension and slide the iron down the length of the hair from root to tip.
5. Release the pressure from the handles and let the hair slip out. Allow the hair to cool before combing through.
6. After use, switch the iron off and allow to cool before safely storing in the pouch.
7. Use the Locking Switch for safe storage. Helps to protect the product from damage when not in use.

Note: Do not use any abrasive cleaners or materials on the Titanium Floating Plates as this will scratch and damage the heating surface and void the warranty.
Travel pouch and Cordless Straightener