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In short

The Limited Edition Gift Calendar is an ode to the classic Nuttcracker fairytail. The Balmain Nuttcracker Army, dressed in the signature Balmain Military jackets as seen in the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, symbolizes the holiday spirit. Including 10 Balmain Hair Couture favourites to celebrate the holiday season. 

    The perfect gift
    Including 10 Balmain Hair Couture favourites
    Limited edition

Counting down the days during the festive season until Christmas is an ancient ritual originating from the mid 19th century. The tradition started with the lit of candles to count down the days. Tables turned when a German newspaper included a countdown cardboard with 24 coloured doors in their newspapers. The world of Advent Calendars was born, from calendars with festive notes to calendars with little chocolates wrapped in beautiful paper. 

In 2017 Balmain Hair Couture launched the world’s first luxury hair cosmetics Gift Calendar. A Gift Calendar with a 10-day countdown to the holiday season. This year the Balmain Hair Couture’s Gift Calendar is an ode to the iconic nutcracker: “Casse Noisette”.  A luxury Gift Calendar to represent the world famous nutcracker. Each festive box contains one of the 10 beauty indulgences of Balmain Hair Couture. 

Open the doors and immerse into the Balmain Nuttcracker world. Use the ribbons to create a bow on the back to keep the doors opened.