Luxury Spa Brush


In short

Luxury Spa Brush with 100% boar bristles specially designed for a high gloss finish. The unique structure of the boar bristles distributes the natural oils from the roots to the ends. Perfect to loosen curls and create soft waves. 

    100% boar bristles
    Ideal for all hair types, including thin / fine hair
    Creates a high gloss professional finish

Boar hair brushes are known for creating healthy and shiny hair without using any styling products. The board bristles create natural properties which help to condition the hair by spreading the oils from roots to ends. In addition the bristles repair dry hair and add shine. Use the brush to brush through tight curls to create endless soft waves.

The greatest benefit of the boar bristle is that it does not damages the hair while brushing. It will not tear, split and break the hair. Instead it prevents the build-up oils on the scalp. In addition the brush stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow which leads to hair growth. 

Use the brush on dry hair. Make sure the hair is tangle free by using a Detangling. After detangling the hair, brush the hair with the Luxury Spa Brush starting from the scalp brushing towards the ends. By doing this the natural oils from the roots distributes all along the hair shaft creating shine and repairing the hair.