Professional Ceramic Curling Wand 25mm


In short

The Balmain Professional Ceramic Curling Wand 25mm is created to provide perfect medium sized curls. The ultimate styling tool to create shiny and frizz free bouncy curls. The ceramic barrel technology distributes the heat evenly to protect the hair from getting damaged. The Curling Iron is designed without a clamp to avoid any kinks in the hair. 

    Ceramic Wand for faster heat distribution and consistent heat
    Various heat settings from 80-230 ° c / 176-446 ° f
    Protective cool tip for comfortable styling

The Balmain Professional Ceramic Curling Wand is designed for professional stylists. The Curling Wand provides the ultimate styling surface and creates bouncy and shiny curls. The ceramic barrel technology provides an even heat distribution to prevent damaged hair.


The 25mm wand is the most popular barrel size due to its versatility, because it is suitable for short, medium and long hair. The wand creates easy textured waves, spiral curls, defined curls, vintage waves and natural-looking curls. It is also perfect for creating full-bodied curls and waves, flipped ends and loose curls. Compared to the larger 32mm Curling Wand, this wand creates tighter and more defined curls.
The Ceramic Curling Wand is designed with a protective cool tip that provides a surface to be able to secure the hair in place while curling the hair. Shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity

Note: Includes a heat resistant mat, 4 hair clips and a storage bag

Make sure the hair is clean, dry and free from knots. Wait a few minutes until the curling iron has heated up. Apply a heat protectant spray beforehand. Then take a section of hair and gently roll it around the curling iron. Then roll the curling wand towards the scalp and hold this for a few seconds (amount of seconds differs per hair type and thickness). Gently slide the curling iron out of the hair and let the curl cool down. Repeat this process until the entire hair is curled. For a more wavy effect brush the through with the Luxury Spa Brush
Heat resistant mat, 4 hair clips, luxury storage bag and the Professional Ceramic Curling Wand 25mm