Unlocking Hair Secrets: 6 Luxurious Tips from Sabina Jakubowicz

Unlocking Hair Secrets: 6 Luxurious Tips from Sabina Jakubowicz

This month, we proudly present our largest campaign yet, “Savoir-Faire”, marking 50 years of hair craftsmanship. The campaign casts a spotlight on four models from diverse backgrounds, including Poland's digital sensation, Sabina Jakubowicz.

Sabina is not only a social media superstar and a fashion icon but also an adventurer who has crossed Europe on her motorbike and holds two master’s degrees in marketing and logistics. Her beauty radiates from within, and out of curiosity, Balmain Hair sat down with Sabina to discover her secrets for maintaining healthy, glossy hair during her adventures.

Here are 6 of Sabina’s luxury hair care tips & tricks:

Tip 1: A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. I always use different scalp serums! Your scalp can be compared to the soil in a garden. Just as the health of plants is influenced by the quality of the soil, the condition of your scalp directly impacts the health of your hair.

Tip 2: If your goal is to achieve healthy, shiny, longer hair, then a scalp scrub should be on your radar. While we often exfoliate our bodies, many of us neglect our scalps, forgetting that it also needs cleansing to absorb nutrients effectively.

Tip 3: I adore oiling my hair! Before washing, I apply argan oil for an hour, and after washing, I achieve the glass hair effect! You can also indulge in a hot oil treatment at the salon for a luxurious treat.

Tip 4: Don't forget to incorporate vitamins into your routine and take care of yourself from the inside out. It's more than just a supplement because it supports your health and beauty around the clock, delivering the right nutrients at the right time of day.

Tip 5: I love indulging in a scalp-stimulating mask, followed by a scalp steam, and finishing with an application of a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and repair the hair. This combination remains one of the best quick fixes for hair I've ever tried.

Tip 6: Whenever I'm at Paris Fashion Week, I always have the Balmain Hair Silk Perfume (travel size) in my bag. Trust me, nothing smooths out your hair better than this product. Plus, it leaves your hair smelling spectacular.

Include these luxurious haircare tips in your daily routine, and you'll soon have hair as beautiful as Sabina Jakubowicz's. Remember, healthy hair isn't just a trend - it's a timeless symbol of confidence and beauty.






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