7-Step Spa Treatment to Unwine

7-Step Spa Treatment to Unwine

Between work and life, we all try to find our way through our endless to-do list. Unfortunately, because of this, we often forget to just take a moment to let go of everything and focus on ourselves. To unwind and feel your best, Balmain Hair Couture has therefore created the ultimate guide for a spa treatment at home.  

Step 1: Everything is always better with music 

Start with playing some natural melodies and meditation sounds to create a peaceful ambience to relax. There is a reason why many spas play ambient music. This kind of music reduces the stress levels because it helps with relaxing, concentration and lowers your blood pressure.  

Step 2: Time to wash off the stress 

Draw a hot bath or turn on the shower and wet the skin before applying the Balmain Homme Hair & Body Wash. Experience ultimate relaxation with its scent of citric freshness of Bergamot and woody aspect of dry Sandalwood. Even though it's a product meant for men, this scent is also suitable for women who love an intense yet fresh scent. 

Step 3: Say bye to your frizzy ends 

After a long week of styling and washing the hair, your hair might be frizzy and feel dehydrated. The Moisturizing Care Line is here to help you out. Cleans and hydrate your hair by using the Moisturizing Shampoo. Smooth the shampoo over your hair and massage the scalp gently to stimulate the blood circulation. 

Step 4: Give your hair a boost 

To give your hair extra nourishment, the Moisturizing Mask can't be missed. Add a few drops of the Overnight Repair Serum to the mask and apply to your hair strands to make your hair look healthier than ever. Want to feel like you're in a luxurious spa? Warm the bath towel with a blow-dryer and wrap the towel around the head during the application time of the mask. 

Step 5: More vitamins please! 

Rinse the hair and apply the Moisturizing Conditioner on your towel-dried lengths to leave the hair soft and shiny. The Pro-Vitamin B5 infused conditioner will give your hair the ultimate boost, which will help thicken the hair and stimulate the hair growth.  

Step 6: Protect your hair 

To ensure the hair stays protected, spray the Thermal Protection Spray on the lengths for optimal heat protection. This will help strengthen the hair and fight against breakage whilst protecting the hair from the heat of a blowdryer, flat iron or curling iron. Now that the hair has a protective layer, dry the hair with the Professional Blowdryer using the desired temperature and speed.   

Step 7: Stay luminous and lushes 

To end your spa treatment perfectly use the Signature Foundation for healthy looking hair with luminous shine. Start by applying the Leave-in Conditioning Spray to the lengths and ends of the hair. To end your spa day at home, add a drop of Moisturizing Argan Elixir in the palm of your hand and apply to the ends. Leaving your hair nourished and shiny!