Blonde Care Guide for Summer

Blonde Care Guide for Summer

Whether you are sporting a cool, platinum blonde or a shimmering champagne hue, taking care of blonde hair during the Summer months can be a constant struggle for many people, whether your hair is naturally blonde or coloured. Hair care experts attribute these difficulties to the nature of hair and how pigments combine to create one’s hair colour but also affect the sensitivity and susceptibility to light of hair follicles. The sun, sea, and chlorine combined creates an oxidation process in the hair that removes colour and weakens the internal structure of the hair. To protect your blonde tresses and locks from green tinges, brassiness, and the wear and tear of everyday life, Balmain Hair Couture created a step by step care-guide for all blondes. 

It is always important to start by building a protective base to protect your hair texture and colour against UVA and UVB light that can directly cause colour fading and damage the proteins respectively. It is recommended to apply a few sprays of the Sun Protection Spray to filter out this type of UV radiation. The Sun Protection Spray works like an SPF on the hair.

To further build your base layer of protection, it is important to moisturize and replenish the hair of vitamins and nutrients - pools and beaches full of chlorine and salt can often be the cause for straw-like, rough hair as they strip out the natural moisture and oils from the hair. Balmain Hair Couture experts highly suggest using an Argan-based oil, such as the Argan Moisturizing Elixir, before and after your hair goes through these conditions.

Standard shampoos, conditioners and masks can often lead to loss of colour in dyed blonde hair, which is why it is important to use a purple-pigmented hair care routine during the summer in order to address unwanted warm tones. For platinum hues, the Illuminating Shampoo Silver Pearl and Illuminating Mask Silver Pearl can be used. For retaining champagne hues, the Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl and Illuminating Mask White Pearl is recommended.

The Summer Blonde Set of this Spring/Summer season includes all hair care essentials to take care of champagne blonde hair during the summer. The set includes the Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl, Illuminating Mask White Pearl and a leave-in product to take care of blonde hair: the Ash Toner.  

To finish your care routine, spray a few pumps of the Signature Fragrance or Homme Hair Perfume for an aromatic finish - now it is time to hit the beach. For more styling guides and hair inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below to never miss another update.