Get the Look: Recreate Paris Hilton's Met Gala Look with Eduardo Ponce

Get the Look: Recreate Paris Hilton's Met Gala Look with Eduardo Ponce

Model: Paris Hilton | Hair by Eduardo Ponce | Photo by @kevinostaj

In honour of the Met Gala this year, Balmain Hair Ambassador Eduardo Ponce recreates the biker-chic hair look he created for Paris Hilton at last year's event. Eduardo has been Paris Hilton’s hair stylist for years and is known for his feminine, sexy, healthy hair look. He’s been working with Balmain Hair products since we launched in the USA 2 years ago and is the perfect representation of the “Californian look”. 

Eduardo shares with us the step-by-step process for creating this Met Gala look at home.

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1.     Start with damp hair. Prepare the hair with our Thermal Protection Spray for heat protection and Volume Mousse Strong for grit and longevity. Apply both products throughout the hair.

2.     Blow-dry the hair with our Professional Ceramic Round Brush 43mm and the Professional Blowdryer. 

3.     Once the Hair is dry, start molding your hair into a tight ponytail using the Matt Paste and Session Stong Hair Spray to keep the hair around your scalp in place.

4.     Use the 14k Gold Plated Tail Comb to tease the hair at the base of your ponytail. Make sure to over direct the hair and tease at the root to create maximum volume.

5.     Sprinkle our Styling Powder into the teased sections to ensure the hair holds its shape and does not fall flat

6.     Secure the hair into a ponytail around the teased area, leaving a top section of hair out of the ponytail.

7.     Tease the top section of the hair and add more of the Styling Powder into the tease to shape volume into the top section of the ponytail look.

8.     Secure the top section into the body of the ponytail.

9.     Go over the ponytail with a flat iron to ensure everything is smooth. Add a little bit of the Argan Moisturizing Elixir to the ends to finish the look and give the hair a lovely sheen.

And that's the finished biker-chic look. 

Tip: Eduardo used our Cordless Straightener in this tutorial, perfect for putting in your bag for a night out.


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